Expressive Arts Therapy

by Mairead O’Sullivan

Our very existence is an act of creation.  It is for most beyond words.  We come into this world with an innate capacity to create.  As children we blossomed in our familiar instinctual creativity, our imaginations knowing no limits.  Along the way some of us forget our natural tendency towards the creative.  My journey has been to rediscover my creativity both personally and professionally.

The Expressive Arts includes different art forms for example, movement, art, collage, poetry, clay and sounding.  This work can be done one to one or in a group.  The Expressive Arts have the ability to take one on a journey of self-discovery.

The Expressive Arts offers us a treasure chest full of glistening jewels, brightly coloured and shining.  Even as one delves deep within the box and feels around in the darkness one is guaranteed to find a rare gem.  This can come in the way of a forgotten talent, strength or passion one did not know existed.

For those that are hesitant and think they are in no way creative or artistic, take a moment to reflect on your daily lives and routines.  We (with or without awareness) are being continuously creative, from how we choose to prepare our food, the clothes we wear, the music we love, to how we decorate our homes.

Everyone will recognise the natural response of anxiety and uncertainty before one begins anything new.  There is the anticipation of the unknown and yet if we listen a little more closely, our anxiety or fear may just be our inner child jumping with excitement at the promise of the opportunity to create, dance and play once more.

The enrichment one can receive from connecting with the creative self is almost beyond words.  It is something to be experienced to be believed.

Remembering and reclaiming our innate capacity for creative expression is our birth right as human beings.

Mairead O’Sullivan is an Accredited Counsellor, Expressive Arts Therapist, Dance/Movement Facilitator working creatively and therapeutically with adults and adolescents.  She takes an integrative approach according to the needs of the person and their story.  Sometimes all we need is to be heard.

Are you interested and curious to know more about the Expressive Arts, Counselling or Inner Dance movement?

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