Colour-Light Therapy: Colourpuncture

by Ann Reilly

Colourpuncture is a powerful Body-Mind system, offering a unique way to get to the root of many health complaints.  Precisely targeted light treatments are used to gently unlock and release emotional trauma and information buried in the unconscious, which often underlie our illnesses. Patients frequently report not only changes in their bodies, but improved emotional outlooks and a clearer sense of direction in life.

Peter Mandel, a German acupuncturist and naturo-path, developed this  integrative system of light therapy. It combines ancient wisdom and current scientific studies. Mandel states, “Light is life. This is not a belief system, but something confirmed by science. Light is present in the communication of cells in the body. Disease occurs when this communication is broken, when the cells no longer ‘speak the same language’. Giving light has a resonance effect, bringing the cells into the same language again and healing the body.”

Treatments involve using strong, true colour pigments which  are radiated through an  ‘acu-light’ pen (like a small torch). The acu-light is focused on various acupuncture points or zones on the body which are more conductive to light flow. As the skin is photosensitive, it can absorb the coloured light impulses and transmit them into nerve impulses and hormonal reactions. Each colour has a signature frequency that sends unique impulses at the cellular level. As specific frequencies of light enter the body, they discharge photons along the meridians. The photons add energy to depleted areas via the nervous system and endocrine system.

Anyone can benefit from Colourpuncture Therapy. Whether you are ill or in pain, or simply want to  prevent illness, remain healthy and also expand your consciousness, Colourpuncture can give you tremendous support on your journey.  There are over a hundred specific light treatments designed to address all sorts of health issues. Some general types of treatment include:

Detoxification Therapy: Assists the lymph system of the body to drain and activates bodily detoxifying processes. Strengthens the immune system. Excellent for any infection, cold, flu, inflammation or problems of lymph congestion.

Endocrine Therapies: Balance the body’s hormonal system and are a powerful support during PMS, menopause, puberty. Also work powerfully on the interaction between your hormones and your emotions and can be very helpful in cases of shock, trauma, insomnia, stress, anxiety and depression.

Coordination or Brain Therapies: Balance and regulate different parts of the brain and glandular system. Helpful for left/right brain imbalances, learning disorders and nervous system disturbances, etc.

Meridian Therapies: Colourpuncture uses coloured light instead of needles to balance the flow of energy in the meridians or energy pathways of the body (based on Chinese Medicine). It offers a gentle, non-invasive way to support all the organs and body systems.

Pain Therapy: Since the roots of pain often lie deep in the emotionsand the unconscious, many of these treatments work to clear pain by addressing the underlying issues in the bodymind.